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Wood Piles
Wooden Ceiling

Our Solutions

At Interior Functions, we specialize in redefining spaces to seamlessly blend functionality and elegance. Discover our innovative solutions, including the transformative EasyLift and CosyLift collections, which optimize your living areas without compromising on style.

EasyLift Collection

Where Space and Design Converge.

Elevate Your Space
With EasyLift

Discover the perfect fusion of form and function with our EasyLift collection - a range of functional murphy tables designed to optimize your space in style.


Available in both Apex and Horizon designs, our innovative EasyLift tables offer seamless transitions between a functional workstation and a versatile space for other activities, such as playing the piano or creating a clear pathway.


With EasyLift, every inch of your room is optimized to its fullest potential, providing you with the flexibility you need to enhance your living environment

EasyLift Collection

Apex 2.5ft Study Table

Table-VD-D4-T (1).jpg

EasyLift Collection

Apex 3ft Dining Table

CosyLift Collection

Where Space and Design Converge.

Redefine Comfort and Space

Discover the CosyLift collection – an embodiment of luxurious comfort and intelligent design.

Our Murphy beds, available in both Apex and Horizon orientations, redefine the possibilities of space utilization.

Seamlessly transitioning between a relaxing haven and a spacious living area, CosyLift beds optimize your room's potential like never before.

Horizon Models


CosyLift Collection

Horizon 3ft Single Bed


CosyLift Collection

Horizon 3.5ft
Super Single Bed


CosyLift Collection

Horizon 5ft Queen Bed

Apex Models


CosyLift Collection

Apex 3ft Single Bed


CosyLift Collection

Apex 3.5ft
Super Single Bed


CosyLift Collection

Apex 5ft Queen Bed


CosyLift Collection

Apex 6ft King Bed

Wood Piles

Carpentry Works

Your vision, meticulously realized to perfection.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Unrivaled Expertise

For over three decades, Interior Functions has been synonymous with exceptional carpentry. Our team of expert craftsmen, boasting 30 years of unparalleled experience, brings forth a legacy of artistry and precision.


Immerse yourself in a world where wood is transformed into works of art, as we elevate your spaces with our signature touch.


With a dedication to quality that spans generations, our carpentry services redefine the concept of excellence. From intricate detailing to functional marvels, we infuse every piece with a timeless blend of skill and innovation.


Experience the pinnacle of carpentry artistry with Interior Functions. For 30 years, we've been shaping dreams into reality, one meticulous creation at a time.

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