Why us?

With shrinking living spaces and increasing costs, traditional forms of interior design and furnishing is unable to fulfil the full functionality that a living space require while keeping its aesthetics.

This is where we come in. Incorporating technology and innovation into our designs, we are able to introduce fresh and good-looking design concepts that are fully functional. We seek to transform urban living, especially in Singapore, to a state where one can enjoy everything a living space should have.


Helping you the best we can

Using our diverse experience in the field of design, we will analyze and recommend to you proposals based on your requirements. Our in-house solutions and SPACED products are highly customisable, and can easily be incorporated into your design concepts. A few budget options will be provided so that you can pick the most affordable designs that fits your concept the best.


Valued Partners

We are working with our partnering IDs and collaborators currently and will soon provide a list of valued partners.

Do check back for more updates!

Impossible things made possible with us

Allow us to present to you design concepts that are seemingly futuristic, using technology invented and continuously being upgraded in our R&D.